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Disputec Peace Machine

DPM - Disputec Peace Machine helps resolve conflicts and negotiate agreements.

It is a multilingual Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) website application, which resolves any conflict and is not dependable in court system methods – from the personal dilemma onto the legal dispute. DPM's online chat box can handle multiple negotiating sides and any kind of conflict or dispute

When interlocutors can’t reach consensus, they can engage in a DPM chat. The system will guide each side to formulate short claims in a positive language and share them. The other participants can reply only by: “yes”, “no” or “skip”. 

At the heart of DPM is a dispute atomizer. Like an “Anti-lock Braking System” (ABS) of a car, DPM will bring the dispute to a full safe stop, by breaking it into its smallest components. DPM implements the YesSkipNo language and a patent pending online algorithm, called: "BODRYN - Binary Online Dispute Resolution Yes/No" chat method. 

You can use DPM to resolve any conflict: business, workplace or home, and at stage of the conflict: negotiations, mediation or arbitration. 

DPM is not just a technology, it is a way of thinking. So all we are saying is give peace a chanceI