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BRM in Sports

עודכן: 4 בספט׳ 2022

 The Binary Resolution Model (BRM) for athletes

Mental support for elite athletes and professional sports teams

Gal Gorodeisky

Excellent physical skills are a must for all elite athletes, but it's not enough. Mental strength is a basic need for any sports achievement.  unattending athletes’ mental strength can result in an unexpected and disappointing way, for the athlete and his team members. 

Like physical strength, mental excellence needs training too. Athletes must build their mental strength in order to win, and they can do it in three ways: practice, practice & practice. Nevertheless, even today, sports experts all over the world agree that there are no published frameworks regarding how best to support the mental health needs of elite athletes

The use of the Binary Resolution Model (BRM) as a personal mental trainer for elite athletes, can change that.  The BRM is a model for decision making in stressful situations . It is easy to learn and simple to use.  

My name is Gal Gorodeisky, and I discovered my passion for breakthroughs and innovation already in my military service as a combat soldier at the elite commando unit of the IDF. I didn't think that the challenges I faced later on during my legal career, as a lawyer, would lead me to deal with the mental skills of athletes. But  they did. 

My journey of designing the BRM began a few years ago. My experty in labor law class actions allowed me a special perspective of the labor ecosystem in Israel. I realized that the common belief about labor courts in Israel is not true. In July 2017 I Published an empirical study that reviewed the statistics of 4500 judgments that were given by the labor courts in Israel during 2014-2020. The study got covered by a cover-page headline in “Globes”, the leading Israeli financial magazine. The study is also presented in the website, which graphically shows the The study proved a growing tendency in favor of employers rather than employees as was commonly  expected.  

My frustration with the inefficiency of the legal system and its fulier to deliver accessible justice, took me out on a 3 years exploration journey, trying to redesign an efficient dispute resolution method. In March 2020 I drafted my findings in an article describing the design process of the BRM. Shortly afterwards, I drafted an update of the article pointing out the possible applications of the BRM as a Dilemma Resolver, a Dispute Resolution Generator, and a collective-will creator. The article Includes many psychological insights and references that support the BRM, based upon Dr. Gal Harpaz  (Phd), research. Dr. Harpaz is a social psychologist,  and a co-founder of Disputec. 

The online applications of the BRM have been implemented on Disputec’s website Developed by Mr. Nur Daoud, a co-founder and the CTO of Disputec Ltd. On Disputec’s Facebook page you will find relevant information, matching the slogan we adopted for Disputec "It's not just technology, this is ideology". I was interviewed about the BRM for an American blog on legal technology, and I presented the BRM at the annual HR conference in Tel Aviv, and also at ODR EXPO online conference organized by the ABA - the American Bar Association.  

The BRM is a structured communication model in a pre-designed format where all parties are forced to make specific concise suggestions and the other side answers only "yes" or "no" as demonstrated in this short graphic presentation of the BRM algorithm.  

The BRM is relevant to stressful situations such as personal hardships, dilemmas and conflicts, and disagreements or disputes among team members. Using the BRM in those cases will result in the most efficient solution for all sides, faster than any existing known procedure. The BRM was also featured on a social radio show with Dr. Gal Harpaz, and received national television exposure in Israel. 

Using the BRM to build consensus and resolve conflicts, is quite similar to the decision making process at DAO’s - (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) blockchain applications. everyone can offer and anyone can vote. therefore it is planned to be cultivated and enriched by blockchain technology and by other decentralized projects. You can read more about the relevance of DAOs and crypto to  BRM, here

During the years I have studied, practiced and teached the BRM, it has dramatically improved  my decision making and my negotiation skills. It has also improved my relationships with myself, my family, my friends, my employees and my partners. When I saw the BRM effect on others, I realized that the BRM is not only a communication technique, but  it is also a way of life that enables you to achieve your goals efficiently and in maximum harmony within teams and communities.

In October 2021 I had an opportunity to embrace my old love - Handball. I was asked by the Israely Handball Federation to lead Israel's youth handball project - an intensive two months training camp in Porto, Portugal. I accepted the challenge, in order to prove the efficiency of the BRM in a real competitive sport environment, and to explore the existence of the collective will and the good influence it had on the team. Don't worry, I know that sports-teams are not run as democracies, but when BRM gave the players another kind of voice to be heard, it has proven to be encouraging and emotionally supportive. The success was beyond all expectations and the results were exciting. I can't wait to tell you all about it.  

Please contact us for more information about our lectures, daily workshops, practicum, training camps, and long-term consulting and mental training. references will be sent by request.  website: ; email: ; fb: GoDisputec ; Twitter: @galgorodeisky ;  Linkedin: Gal gorodeisky

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